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When it comes to Apple iPhone, no rumor is a rumor and no timing is too early. It is a trend that as soon as the new iOS update arrives, the wish list, for the features not included or dropped out, is rolled out by avid users and experts (here, see our wish list for iOS 10).  Similarly, the speculations for iPhone 7 also started with the arrival of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  The rumors for yet to be released iPhone 7 are so rife and all over the web space that most of people are planning to buy it and want to skip the current generation Apple phone completely.

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iphone-7Rounding up the rumors, here we are giving our best shot to what Apple iPhone 7 could be like and what should you expect from it.

Apple iPhone 7 Features:

The Cupertino Company has known to be a game changer since its early days. From Macintosh to iPod, it has been hailed as a company that does not stick to the rules and gives its users a breakthrough in terms of software, hardware and user experience.  With iPhone 7 too, Apple is expected to include some user-friendly and top-class features that will leave you asking for more!


Forgot what Steve Jobs had to say about big screen size because iPhone 7 is going to be bigger. Yes, bigger than the bigger iPhone 6 Plus.  The screen size will add to the viewing pleasure as pictures are expected to be a lot crisper and videos are going to be clearer, actually larger-than-life. Learning the lesson from the clarity and screen issues of iPhone 5, Apple will try to make sure that it does not repeat the mistake twice and gives its users a screen that has superior clarity. Apart from this, rumors regarding the absence of physical home button or inclusion of TouchID sensor are also getting worked up. If this happens, this will enhance the user-friendly touch navigation for users.

Like Apple Watch, Apple could also use sapphire glass to create the display that is far more durable and resistant than Gorilla glass. This may also help the users to deal with the major concern of brokenscreens.  The new iPhone 7 could also use liquid metal for chassis that is better and durable than aluminum. Since Apple has already been using smaller quantities of the liquid metal, we won’t be surprised if it goes overboard with it.

Also, if patents filed by Apple are any criteria, expect the iPhone 7 to use face recognition method to unlock the device.

Update : The internal tests held within Apple’s departments reveal that the latest device would flaunt a curved display. The Apple iPhone 7 will be the first of its series to have a Quad Full HD resolution.

Update 2 :

Along with the launch of iPhone 6s this week, the Apple has grabbed the attention of consumers with its preplanned iPhone 7. Apple has already started working on its iPhone 7 and plans to launch it in 2016. The key feature of the model will be its slick body. It has been claimed that the thickness of the model would be approximately in the range of 6 mm to 6.5 mm. The recent iPhone 6s which is due to be launched this week has a thickness of 7 mm. Hence iPhone 7 would be the slimmest model in the product line. It will also be thinner than iPod Touch and iPad Air 2. There are certain anticipations that the model will feature the Force Touch technology which had attracted major investments from the brand and its suppliers in 2015.


In this digital age, when people are getting crazy over cameras and selfies, Apple will ensure that you do not have to carry a digital camera ever in your bag again. The 14 megapixel front panel camera and 4 megapixel front camera are enough parameters to confirm this.  Camera specs of Apple iPhones are already exceptional and thus, this will be an icing on the cake.

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iPhone 7 Processor

Processor is the backbone of any gadget. It ensures lag free and smooth performance for a phone.  When it comes to processor, Apple has always deployed the best of technology and architecture in place to give you a faster and better performance.  iPhone 7 is not going to be an exception too.  Rumors are pointing towards a quad-core A9 processor or even a better one that will take multi-tasking on Apple iPhone 7 to a new level.


iPhone 6 Plus has already given a storage options to up to 128GB that makes the microSD card slot absolutely superfluous. Expect the iPhone 7 to set even a better benchmark that most of OEMs would find difficult to beat.  It could be 256GB or even unlimited, you never know!


According to the rumors, iPhone 7 is expected to have an in-built projector. This is not going to be the only phone to flaunt this feature as Samsung Galaxy Beam has a built-in projector that enables larger viewing experience via phone. But as we all know, Samsung follows in the footsteps on Apple and it has never been the other way around. May be, Apple would teach Samsung a lesson or two on how to incorporate a new technology! If this rumor comes true, most of users who work at corporate houses and use projectors for PowerPoint presentation would rush to buy it.

4G Connectivity:

iPhone 7 will let you enjoy unhindered Internet streaming with support for 4G connectivity currently offered by AT&T and Sprint.

iPhone 7 Battery:

With such powerful features and specs, the battery needs to be potent enough to juice the device properly. On this front, the indication for new battery technology is pretty strong that will allow you to use iPhone 7 for extended hours on a single charge. What is new here is the battery that will be environmental-friendly and will use the organic materials. This will replace the traditional Li-On battery and is expected to get recharged faster.

Other Applications:

Rumor mills are churning out news that App Store for iPhone 7 will be flooded with several innovative applications to engage you even more.

iPhone 7 Release Date

So, when this ‘father of all iPhones’ is going to see the light of day? I am sure many of you will be wondering and looking for the answer to this million dollar question. Well, if rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 7 will be released across the world in the third quarter of the year 2016. If we look at the pattern of Apple’s product lifecycle, it also seems to be true as the company releases its devices in third quarter of every year.

iPhone 7 release date : 7th Sept 2016

However, we also note that to take on the competition and quick product cycles of Android phones, Apple may have to revise its release cycle of iPhones and change it to twice a year schedule.

iPhone 7 Price

Given its power-packed processor, innovative apps, best ever under-the-hood specs and crisper display, iPhone 7 is going to be costlier than all of its older siblings.  On an average, you may end up shelling anywhere between $649 and $849 to own this piece of technological beauty. We are completely clueless whether this pricing include a contract fee or not. However, as Android smartphone market is aggressively taking control of world mobile phone market, we can expect from the California-based company to keep the iPhone 7 price competitive enough to lure the larger segment as well as present an attractive buying proposition to fence sitters.

The height of speculations can go to a pretty crazy point with Apple. Also, we all know that the company always remains tight-lipped about its upcoming devices and software updates, to the level that it signs a MOU with the employees who are testing these.

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Only a few devices go outside the company’s premise for real-time testing and the employees, who are chosen to do this, are kept on a tight leash but that does not stop the rumor mills and never going to curb the debate over the features of iPhone 7. Until the time, Apple announces the release date and price for the much-coveted Apple flagship, we must have to agree on the point that iPhone 7 is going to be lighter, smarter, bigger and of course an intuitive smartphone than its predecessors. Meanwhile, let us all wait to get the first glimpse of Apple iPhone 7 with bated breath!