Amazon Alexa, also called Alexa, is an artificially intelligent virtual personal assistant technology developed by Amazon. It is an internet-based intelligent assistant that can perform basic functions and can be used with web browsing, scheduling of meetings, music playback, weather forecasts and task management. Basically, it is an artificially intelligent personal assistant that can do all the tasks that you would expect from one.

You can ask Amazon Alexa to find a movie by entering a key phrase or you can tell it to play a specific song by entering a song name. The more you control the intelligence of the assistant with commands, the more intelligent it becomes. As of the moment, Amazon has about forty skills or capabilities that it can perform. These forty skills or abilities are:

A highly advanced artificial intelligence intelligent voice assistant that can conduct a variety of tasks that can be customized according to users needs. Amazon Alexa can be integrated with third party websites to make it even more useful and integrate it better with web applications. Its intelligent conversational capability can be applied in planning a household activity, controlling the operation of a factory and managing the schedules of employees, among many other things.

Apart from controlling the operations of the warehouse, the Amazon Alexa app can be used to plan a dinner, purchase flowers and order taxi cabs. You can even control the lighting, television and the heating in your home or workplace. It will help you with the integration of other smart devices such as smart phones, mp3 players and other electronic gadgets. It works on the premise that you have a well-developed intelligent conversational system that is specifically designed to take full advantage of the multi-sensory experience of the internet enabled devices.

Amazon Alexa is a part of the Amazon ecosystem and offers extensive solutions for the smart home devices. The device has been designed to support third party applications to make its usage more convenient. For example, the device supports the usage of IFT (Internet-related Functions) to perform internet related functions like browsing the internet, checking emails and searching the web. Other internet features that are supported by the Amazon Alexa include the access to weather widgets, weather forecasts, stock quotes and currency exchange rates, games and many others.

Amazon also announced some cool features that will be included in the second version of the Amazon Alexa software, the Amazon Alexa Voice Service. For example, one feature that will be added is the ability to purchase products from specific vendors. Another cool feature is the ability to look up the time of an event on the fly. We can also look up the time the airport is open or closed according to our travel needs. Other new alexa features include:

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