There has been a recent explosion in the sales of mobile phones in India. The market for mobile phones is estimated to be in billions of dollars annually and is growing exponentially. This has caused the prices of mobile phones in India to be competitive, which naturally forces manufacturers to provide their customers with the best deals and value added services. With competition among mobile makers and network service providers rising mobile phone makers are coming up with attractive plans and schemes to attract more customers. Some of these attractive offers are as follows:

Contract Mobile Phone – Contract mobile phones offer the users the liberty of choosing the handset of their choice and are provided at amazingly low prices. These are one of the best mobile phone deals in India that provide ample benefits to the mobile phone users. It also allows the user to use their chosen handset for a longer period of time, than that of the fixed contract mobile phones. The users also have an option of buying a pay as you go mobile phone if they are not satisfied with the contract mobile phones. Thus, this mobile phone deal is the perfect option for those who want a cost effective and flexible mobile phone deal.

Pay as you go – In the Pay as you go mobile phone plan, a person gets the handset of their choice, at a specific rate and at the end of the contract, they can buy a new mobile phone of their choice at the normal retail price. This deal is comparatively more lucrative as compared to contract mobile phones. However, this deal has been catching up as there are many youngsters who prefer to own a mobile phone, without necessarily tying themselves down with a long term contract.

SIM Only Mobile Phone – In SIM only mobile phone plan, the user is provided with a SIM card that can be inserted in the mobile phone of the user. This SIM card can be used to make calls to any other SIM card or to any landline number. Thus, this enables the users to switch over easily between their two mobile phones. The users do not need to acquire and pay for both a cell phone and a SIM card.

Contract mobile phones – In contract mobile phone plan, the user has to buy a specific amount of talk time. After a certain point of time, if the user happens to finish using the talk time of his contract mobile phone, he would have to buy a new mobile phone at the current cost, in the same manner as he would have to buy a new SIM card. This mobile phone deal is ideal for those who cannot afford to buy a new handset every now and then.

Pay as you go mobile deals – In pay as you go mobile deal, the mobile phone is purchased directly from the mobile phone network company. In this deal, the user is charged according to the usage. Thus, the user can choose a deal that best suits him. Thus, mobile phone companies are providing a lot of deals to the people so that they can choose the most profitable one for them. They are providing these deals with an aim to increase their customer base and attract more customers to them.

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