The iPhone, one of the most sought after gizmos in the planet right now is without a doubt an Apple product. With its stylish appearance and unmatched functionality it’s no wonder why millions of people are flocking to the Apple store everyday. However, many people are wondering about the release date of the new iPhone, are they being premature or are they being factored into the marketing strategy more? Well, I’m sure you know already that it’s not being teased or treated like a traditional sports phone. No, at least, that’s what Apple seems to be hoping for.

According to a reliable source (who wishes to remain anonymous) the newest iPhone will be hitting the shelves in early June of next year. Apple has already released the new 3G and iPod that mean this isn’t just another summer fluff and they haven’t even started developing the new model. They’re hoping to introduce it in the market around June of next year and they might have the phone ready by June of 2021.

One thing that has been leaked in the past about the new iPhone is that it will have an enhanced version of the OS X operating system, specifically the Leopard operating system. Leopard is Apple’s older OS and hasn’t received much love from the techies, so this is probably one of the reasons why they are planning on taking their technology and putting it into the new iPhone. Although I can’t confirm this, I think it’s a very good idea because it will allow more compatibility between the iPhone and other mobile devices.

But don’t take my word for it. I’ve heard this same news from several different sources and there’s nothing really concrete. What I can say for sure is that Apple is definitely planning on introducing two new mobile phones in the next two years namely the iPhone and the iPad. They are definitely planning on exclusive designs for those two devices. Although there’s no confirmation on whether these two exclusive mobile phones will have an improved version of the current operating system from Mac OS X, there’s no doubt that Apple is planning to adopt a different operating system for these two exclusive devices.

If you think that the leak about the new iPhone’s lower price point is true then you’re in for a big surprise. Apple is definitely planning on lowering the price of the iPhone and there’s no way they will release an iPhone 11 are at the same low price as the iPhone 5. It’s entirely possible that we will see the iPhone 11 or at a lower price point sometime within this summer but there’s no definite news on that yet either. There’s also no word on whether the iPhone 11 will feature a dual camera or not.

The other rumor surrounding the release of the new phone is the release of the new apple iPhone Bionic processor. The rumors say that the device will feature a faster bionic processor which could possibly be a slight improvement over the current model’s processor. However, if this is true the release of the new phone may be pushed back into 2021. We’ll know what the Apple Bionic processor will look like when it’s official so stay tuned for our review.

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