Examples of Technology: Technology is used everywhere in our daily lives. It is present in our homes, automobiles and in our technological gadgets. Examples of Technology: The two major categories of technology are electronic and mechanical. Mechanical technology mainly refers to working on mechanical machines.

A mechanical device can be an automobile, a sewing machine or a simple computer. An example of mechanical technology is electricity powered fan. Electrical devices, on the other hand, include telephones, televisions, ovens and various other electrical items. Examples of technology based on electricity include light bulbs, cell phones and the power steering wheel in your car. In fact, the car was invented with the help of light emitting diodes or LED.

Another example of technology is the mobile phone. Most countries around the world have one or more mobile phones. In fact, millions of people all over the world own cell phones. One of the most popular models is the Blackberry.

Another example of technology is the World Wide Web. The internet has become a vital part of our daily lives. Even before the development of the web, the Internet was in use. Examples of technology based on the web include email, search engines, blogging and online banking.

Examples of technology based on technology can also include medical equipment. Medical equipment includes intra-oral cameras, MRI machines and endoscopes. Computers have also become important in medicine. The computer is now used in almost every health institution around the world.

However, not all examples of technology are positive. Some forms of technology can cause pollution and damage to the environment. Take for example nuclear weapons. A recent report by a group of prominent scientists showed that the global warming phenomenon could be due to the increasing use of technology such as GPS tracking systems. Also, computers and communication technology can greatly affect the human body.

Take for example the development of software for controlling human beings. Such software can invade the privacy of the citizens. There have been concerns that such software may fall into the wrong hands and enable individuals to commit illegal activities. Another example is the development of genetically enhanced foods. Many people are concerned about these foods because they are unaware that they actually exist.

Technology has indeed contributed to the society in so many ways. Some argue that technology has actually brought the society down through the way it has manipulated people. For instance, those who are against genetically modified food debate this type of technology because they believe that it will create huge problems for the future. The other side of the argument is that genetic modified food has actually helped farmers increase their harvests. In fact, in some areas, farmers are able to feed more than 10 times what they were doing a few decades ago thanks to technology.

Another example is the development of the iPhone. This amazing mobile phone was released in the market just a few years ago. Thanks to technology, it is now possible for people to stay in touch with their friends and family all over the world. As a result, technology has helped develop countries such as India and China.

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